October 29th – November 11th , 2019

Arabian | Tour

Costa Rica

July 17th – July 26th , 2019

Pura Vida | Tour

October 6th – October 13th , 2019

La Eterna Primavera | Tour



August 25th – September 1st , 2019

Quimbara Quimbara | Tour


Why plan your next short trip with Travelicious?

With us you can get fantastic deals through our partnership with some of the best local
airline companies. 


We will help you with creative tips and ideas to plan your getaway from A to Z while making the most out of your available time.

Got a tight budget? No problem! Our aim is to always look for the best possible offer we
can get you at the time.

Life can get pretty hectic! Admit it. Sometimes you just want to get away and enjoy a little bit of off-time.
Trust us, It will do wonders, helping you feel refreshed and renewed. It gets even better when you leave
the planning to our Travelicious Team.

Let US take care of YOU!

You deserve a break! It doesn't have to be long, just worth it!

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August 1st – August 11th , 2019

Back to School Shopping | Tour

Affordable group travel destinations, multiple cultures, diverse & friendly people.


There’s no better way to work on team building, gather a group of professionals, or simply having a
wonderful time with family or friends than a group destination retreat!

We can arrange customized trips for our Travelicious clients to exciting destinations throughout the world.


Your travel arrangements will be tailored to your group's needs and expectations while meeting
your travel budget!

We are specialized in dealing with all types of groups of any size and age. We continually work within
the (financial) purpose and objectives of your trip and endeavor in offering a comprehensive range of
fully customized services, such as:

• Itinerary design and development
• Reservations of accommodation and meals
• Ground transportation planning
• Travel guides
• All kind of entrance tickets
• Pre-departure information
• Other services as needed.

Don't miss our next group trip! Receive our great offers!

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